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 Property Management Services


For any property owners looking for the creativity and expertise required to achieve maximum income stabilization and the full potential of their properties, we welcome the opportunity to work with you. We understand the importance of value and take price in offering premium property management services at affordable rates.


Property management services that we offer for residential and/or commercial properties include:

  • On-going marketing of available units
  • Establishing rental rates based on market research
  • Administration of lease terms, conditions, & amendments
  • Collection of tenant certificates of insurance
  • Screening & verifying tenant applications
  • Property (unit) inspections & reporting
  • Financial services (optional)
    • Collection of rents & other receivables
    • Payment of liabilities, such as tax, insurance, & etc.
    • Maintaining accurate rent roll
    • NNN / CAM reconciliations & adjustments
    • Planning for capital requirements
    • Preparation of fiscal operating budget
  • Vendor service contract management
  • Maintenance - performing & arranging for routine maintenance & repairs
  • Problem solving - late rents, handling evictions, emergency repairs
  • Assisting in complying with government regulations
  • Regular communicaiton with owner